Hit The Books Fully Energized This Spring Semester

Fully Energized This Spring SemesterWith spring semester coming to a close that means many students across America will be looking forward to walking the stage, grab their diplomas, feeling the pride of completing their degrees.

This also means there will be many students will be staying up late and working hard to get all of their assignments done on time, before that graduation can happen.

If they are going to do that they are going to need an available supply of food and drinks, and that can be addressed with dormitory vending machines.

The Hunger For Knowledge

Now many may think a vending machine being placed in a dormitory is not a good idea as they have the reputation of selling junk food. That is not the case, however, as many vending machines, today actually include organic and healthy options for buyers.

When it comes to having them in the dorms, the reason why is because college dining halls are not open 24 hours and many places that deliver food in the area might not be able to do so after a certain time.

A premium vending machine would allow the students to go down and grab something cheap and quick, instead of ordering a meal, looking out for the delivery driver that would include paying for a tip.

It’s also very helpful if the student were to be running late in the morning, to grab something for on-the-go because they do not have enough time to go somewhere and grab breakfast.

They could simply hit the machine on the way out and head to class, snack in hand.

Orsino Vending provides vending machines with everything from organic snacks to refreshing beverages. Let us help you get that late night energy to help you study for tomorrow’s exam.

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Promote Better Health With Fresh Food Vending Machines (Infographic)

In our society today, there is a renewed desire to eat better and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

If you’ve been on the ball, you might have noticed there’s a change in the types of vending machines put out in the world.

Offices, gyms, schools, and parks have begun to add fresh food vending machines containing healthier, meal options.

Check out our infographic to see how a fresh food vending machine will help promote better health for you or your company.

Promote Better Health With Fresh Food Vending Machines

Why not promote a healthy lifestyle with additional options for your employees, students or customers?

From yogurt to salads, the healthy options are endless.

Place a healthy optioned vending machine in your building.

Orsino Vending provides full-service snack and drink options for many clients throughout the New Jersey. Whether your location requires a complete cafeteria or a single vending machine, we can accommodate your needs.

Vending Machines – Healthy Options

Vending Machines – Healthy OptionsEveryone has to eat sometime during the day. When you are working 8 – 12 hours a day, you’re going to get hungry and start looking around for sustenance. If you are like most normal working Americans, you might look to the lunch you packed or dinner you brought with you, takeout, delivery, or fast food restaurants in the area to curb your hunger.

If you haven’t already brought food with you though, those other options can get expensive, especially on a daily basis and buying and consuming fried food on many occasions can become an unhealthy habit. In a society where we are trying to stay fit and eat better, what’s another option that can satisfy the rumblings in your stomach and also not hurt your wallet?

Fresh Food Vending Machines

Almost every workplace has a vending machine of some kind. If not then you need one that not only caters to the employee but also has food that is appetizing and affordable. If you are in charge of finding a solution to the food service for your company, then you have to weigh the options.

The only real choice is to find a company that supplies the finest quality machines and superior customer service to every one of our clients.Vending Machines – Healthy Options

Orsino Vending Services delivers to hundreds of customer locations in New Jersey and the tri-state area, providing free machines to your location at absolutely no cost to you. We do it all by offering comprehensive vending services including the most popular healthy and organic snacks, refreshing beverages, fresh coffee machines,  great food and entrees plus ice cream. We also provide quality repair services to all types of vending equipment to keep your workforce fed and productive.

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Encourage Healthy Living with Fresh Food Vending

The desire to eat better and maintain a healthier lifestyle seems to have taken the world by storm as a trend that is actually worth hopping on the bandwagon for. You might have even started to notice a change in the types of vending machines you’ve come across lately, which now contain healthier options for their patrons. Schools and offices have begun to incorporate fresh food vending machines to offer better snack options to students and employees alike.

Encourage Healthy Living with Fresh Food Vending | Orsino Vending

Did you know that the average adult spends nearly eight hours a day sitting? If you work in a sedentary work environment, the World Health Organization reports that you are at a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. So if you can’t always get up and move around, you need to eat healthier! A vending machine that offers fresh fruits and vegetables, garden fresh salads and Nutri-Grain bars might help do the trick!

Most consumers purchase for convenience. A lunch hour doesn’t leave much time for employees to get their hands on a balanced meal, causing them to run to the nearest fast food chain. If a fully stocked vending machine with healthy crowd favorites was available on site, they would probably be more apt to eat it! A machine with fresh food in the lunchroom is certainly more convenient than leaving to find a McDonald’s, right?

Choosing to include a healthy vending machine in your office is the best investment you could make. Why not promote a healthy lifestyle with additional options for your hard-working employees?  From trail mix to pita chips and yogurt, the options are endless. Browse our full list of options and start your office’s journey to an energized and healthy work week!