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Inventive Vending Machines Popping Up Across the Country

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see vending machines selling things other than food and drinks. This trend can be seen in larger cities across the United States with Tampa Bay, FL and Portland, OR being no exception. Each of these cities are home to successful vending machine companies that sell everything from hand-made jewelry to… Read more »

Sock Spot Vending Machine Arrives in San Francisco

If you think vending machines are just for food and drinks, think again! A unique vending machine operated by novelty sock company The Sock Spot has recently arrived in San Francisco. This innovative touchscreen, cashless vending machine is now selling over 40 types of novelty socks at the Westfield San Francisco Centre shopping mall. Designs… Read more »

MTA Will Convert Empty Newsstands Into Vending Machines

In Japan, vending machines are remarkably popular. The country has the highest density of vending machine with more than 5 million machines across the country. You can kill time waiting for a train by getting everything from a shot of sake to bananas and fish soup from a vending machine. Vending is so ingrained with… Read more »

Vending Machine Dispenses Free Books to Children in Buffalo, NY

These days, vending machines are capable of doing more than just keeping workplaces stocked with convenient, nutritious food options. From cars to clothing, you can find vending machines that dispense a wide variety of other products as well. In Buffalo, New York, for example, one public elementary school is even using a vending machine to… Read more »

Coca-Cola Promotes Recycling With Reverse Vending Machines

Cold bottles of Coca-Cola have been vending machine staples for decades, and now the company is using “reverse vending machines” to encourage their customers to recycle every bottle of Coke they buy. Earlier this month, Coca-Cola deployed its reverse vending machines at the 50th anniversary Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle. Each time an attendee… Read more »

Carvana Unveils New Eight-Story Vehicle Vending Machine

You can find just about anything in vending machines these days. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite to eat in your office or a new pair of headphones at the airport, you can usually find a vending machine that has just what you need. Now, people in Charlotte, North Carolina can even buy… Read more »

Charity Uses Vending Machines to Feed and Clothe the Homeless

Winter can be hard on the homeless populations in the U.K., but a charity called Action Hunger is employing a unique new strategy to make life a little easier for the country’s most vulnerable citizens. Recently, the charity announced plans to stock a vending machine in Nottingham, England with necessities like fresh fruit, sandwiches, toothpaste… Read more »

High-Tech Vending Machines Are Getting Pretty Smart

The vending machines you used just a decade or two ago were incredibly basic compared to what is available today. You might put a dollar or two into those machines, select what you wanted to purchase and pick up your change. It was a simple process, but many of today’s vending machines are able to… Read more »