Post Workout Healthiness

We’ve all been to the gym at some point in our lives. So it’s no secret than when our workout is done were two things – thirsty and hungry. Now most gyms and workout companies will have a water fountain and many of us may carry water with us to hydrate ourselves after were done exercising. But when it comes to our hunger, a solution is not that simple.

Many gyms offer protein shakes and other protein filled drinks that are available for purchase after your gym session is over. However, despite being filled with the stuff to help rebuild muscle, it may not be everyone’s first choice to what they want to consume. A smart alternative for the gym would be a vending machine.

Don’t Eat Unhealthy After You WorkoutPost Workout Healthiness

The vending machine may bring to mind unhealthy names such as Hershey’s or M&M’s, but what about a vending machine that would have healthy choices? Items like Nutri-grain bars, fresh fruit or even some garden fresh salads would definitely be snatched up and consumed by average gym goers and gym rats alike.

You have healthy food choices; the gym would stand out due to the variety of options available. This in turn may result in some great word of mouth press and bring in new members.

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