How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions And Still Enjoy Vending Machines

Man holding a chocolate bar and apple, making a choice

Many people decide to make New Year’s resolutions around eating better. Whether for weight loss or just making healthier choices, it’s always good to ensure you have good, nourishing food, with a few treats!

As many of us return to working in offices, you might be tempted by vending machines with sugary candy, salty chips, and cold sodas. While these are all fine in moderation, we have a few surprising tips to ensure you can stay on track with your goals and enjoy vending machines!

Keep Snacking

Yes, you read that right! Studies have shown that having smaller meals throughout the day sustains energy and curbs hunger. So, make sure your day includes breakfast, lunch, and plenty of snacks! Many offices have vending machines with healthy options– such as protein bars or even salads!

Stay Hydrated

Let’s be clear: if you’re hungry, you’re hungry! Never try to curb hunger with liquid. However, staying properly hydrated can help you feel better and be more aware while you eat. If you’re not a fan of plain water, you can add flavor drops or go with options like unsweetened iced tea!

Tip: while many think that juice is a healthy choice- it often is filled with high amounts of sugar and calories. Double-check what you’re getting if you’re trying to be aware of those things!

Treat Yourself

Another surprising one! Now, to be fair, we don’t mean every day. Sometimes you may need to resist the urge to grab a candy bar, and instead have some fruit. But let’s be honest- some days, the only thing that will curb that craving is the candy bar. 

The best solution is to honor your intense cravings- often, when people ignore their cravings, it later leads to overindulgence. So, if you’re going on a few days of craving the same thing: get it! Allow yourself to enjoy it, and return to your conscientious eating!

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Stocking Your Vending Machine With Gluten-Free & Vegan Options

Stocking Your Vending Machine With Gluten-Free & Vegan OptionsPeople with Celiac’s disease or who have intolerance for gluten, eating out can be a nightmare on their digestive system. Up until a few years ago when the light was shone bright on the problems with gluten, the alternatives for food was extremely slim.


Living a healthy lifestyle has its ups and downs, especially for vegans. Vegans are those who do not eat or use products derived from animals or by-products such as eggs. On the up side, you are putting plenty of health-rich foods into your body, but on the down side, a vegan diet is very difficult to maintain and is expensive.


Both vegans and gluten-free eaters typically have a harder time eating out and snacking, especially with convenience foods like the ones you’d find in a vending machine.


Vending machines have a bad reputation for only stocking unhealthy, full of fat, sugar, and carb snacks. These foods will quickly force your energy level and mood to take a downward spiral, leaving you feeling tired and aggravated for the rest of the day.


Try being someone who, because of health and lifestyle choices, find that their only snack options are bad ones. Not having a handy means for obtaining a pick-me-up snack during the day is unfair.


A solution to this problem is to have a vending machine stocked with choices that suit all health needs of employees and guests. There are both gluten and vegan snacks and foods now on the market and these will certainly be appreciated if found in your office vending machine.


If you need a quality vending machine service, Orsino Vending is here to help. You can contact us at any time to discuss having a vending machine installed.

Daily Struggle For Healthy Eating Options On-The-Go

Americans are up at dawn and on the move until sundown, we have busy lives. We work, have families and are always on the go. Moms are packing candy as “snacks for the kids” and dad is “in line at the drive thru”, neither of which are ideal when it comes to health.

Not everyone can spend Sunday making lunch for the whole week of grilled chicken and greens. Why can’t someone come up with an easier, healthier alternative? America, we are in luck.

The Quicker, Easier & Healthier Option Daily Struggle For Healthy Eating Options On The Go

If given the choice of feeding our children french fries or low fat animal crackers which would we like to choose? In the middle of the work day would we go to the vending machine if there was an energizing Cliff Bar or a Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bar to help get us through the last few hours of our shift?

Yes! We would! And now we can.

Orsino Vending offers a wide variety of healthy snacking options to get us through our day. Our new, state of the art machines provide multiple payment options including cash and credit! Our product is rotated regularly to ensure freshness but that’s not the only health conscious thing we do, we also use all natural cleaning products to ensure that your purchase is pure from all angles.

Contact Orsino Vending for a free consultation with one of our representatives and we will ensure all your needs are met.

The Benefits of A Newer Vending Machine

The Benefits of A Newer Vending MachineThere is nothing more frustrating than being hungry for a pick-me-up snack during the work day only to have your money gobbled up by the vending machine. With no vending machine representative available at that exact moment, it’s good bye snack and hello aggravation.

Two scenarios that are all too frequent with old vending machines include: food and drink get stuck, and money gets stuck as well. When your food or drink gets jammed in the machine, you stand there helpless, banging on the glass like a maniac trying to loosen what’s stuck. The same goes for money that gets eaten by the machine, nothing you can do.

Rather than calling your vending machine company to come out and fix the old, tired machine, why not just replace it with a new machine? Newer model vending machines have a much less likely chance of encountering problems.

Service calls will be far and few between and your employees will be able to get that midday snack or refreshment when they need it and without losing money. Newer vending machines are also quicker to release the purchased items. Gone are the days of waiting what feels like an eternity for the granola bar or bottle of water to drop.

At Orsino Vending, we can provide your company with a new and efficient vending machine that won’t cause the headaches that an older machine will. You can contact us to hear more about the specific types of vending machines we have as well as the services provided.

Post Workout Healthiness

We’ve all been to the gym at some point in our lives. So it’s no secret than when our workout is done were two things – thirsty and hungry. Now most gyms and workout companies will have a water fountain and many of us may carry water with us to hydrate ourselves after were done exercising. But when it comes to our hunger, a solution is not that simple.

Many gyms offer protein shakes and other protein filled drinks that are available for purchase after your gym session is over. However, despite being filled with the stuff to help rebuild muscle, it may not be everyone’s first choice to what they want to consume. A smart alternative for the gym would be a vending machine.

Don’t Eat Unhealthy After You WorkoutPost Workout Healthiness

The vending machine may bring to mind unhealthy names such as Hershey’s or M&M’s, but what about a vending machine that would have healthy choices? Items like Nutri-grain bars, fresh fruit or even some garden fresh salads would definitely be snatched up and consumed by average gym goers and gym rats alike.

You have healthy food choices; the gym would stand out due to the variety of options available. This in turn may result in some great word of mouth press and bring in new members.

For healthy vending options, Orsino Vending has got what you are looking for. We have numerous foods and drink choices as well as different vending machines to offer you and your company. For more information on what we provide, please contact us today!