Encourage Healthy Living with Fresh Food Vending

The desire to eat better and maintain a healthier lifestyle seems to have taken the world by storm as a trend that is actually worth hopping on the bandwagon for. You might have even started to notice a change in the types of vending machines you’ve come across lately, which now contain healthier options for their patrons. Schools and offices have begun to incorporate fresh food vending machines to offer better snack options to students and employees alike.

Encourage Healthy Living with Fresh Food Vending | Orsino Vending

Did you know that the average adult spends nearly eight hours a day sitting? If you work in a sedentary work environment, the World Health Organization reports that you are at a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. So if you can’t always get up and move around, you need to eat healthier! A vending machine that offers fresh fruits and vegetables, garden fresh salads and Nutri-Grain bars might help do the trick!

Most consumers purchase for convenience. A lunch hour doesn’t leave much time for employees to get their hands on a balanced meal, causing them to run to the nearest fast food chain. If a fully stocked vending machine with healthy crowd favorites was available on site, they would probably be more apt to eat it! A machine with fresh food in the lunchroom is certainly more convenient than leaving to find a McDonald’s, right?

Choosing to include a healthy vending machine in your office is the best investment you could make. Why not promote a healthy lifestyle with additional options for your hard-working employees?  From trail mix to pita chips and yogurt, the options are endless. Browse our full list of options and start your office’s journey to an energized and healthy work week!