5 Benefits of Adding a Vending Machine to Your Business

Man in a suit looking at his options in a vending machine

What comes to mind when you hear people talk about upgrades for their business? New couches, an expensive water cooler, and maybe even some branded pens? What if we told you there was a better upgrade: vending machines.

Vending machines have a wide range of benefits for everyone involved- we mean it. Owners, customers, and employees alike all benefit from the addition of vending machines. Besides the obvious benefits of snacks, below are five benefits of adding a vending machine to your business.

Client Retention

Have you ever had a customer complain about a long wait time? It happens, and it can be frustrating for everyone involved. Imagine having a few vending machines, each with a vast array of beverages like sodas, iced teas, and sports drinks, or a selection of snacks from healthy nibbles to tasty treats. A vending machine can be your secret weapon to keep clients happily occupied, boosting their satisfaction and your retention rate.

Workplace Morale Boost

Happy staff equals a thriving business, and what’s a simpler joy than a snack break? Offering your employees the convenience of having various food and drinks at their fingertips can do wonders for morale. Not to mention, it’s a small way to show your team that you care about their needs.

Increased Business

A well-placed vending machine can even serve as a subtle marketing tool. Imagine this – a parent is in your business, and their child is getting restless. A vending machine with a choice of snacks and drinks is a simple solution to keep everyone calm, improving the overall customer experience and increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.


Having readily available drinks and snacks means less time your employees are out picking up refreshments for themselves and others. An on-location source of refreshments also means less risk of employees becoming hangry, or hitting the 3 pm slump. Whether they recharge with a sports drink or some pretzels, they’ll be back on the floor in no time.

That means time spent working, dealing with customers, and improving your bottom line. It’s an efficiency hack that tastes like a victory.

Brand Image

Adding a vending machine doesn’t just offer practical benefits; it enhances your overall brand image. It says you’re considerate, customer-focused, and ahead of the curve.

Now that you’re on board with the idea, you’re probably wondering how to get a vending machine at your business. Well, your next step is simple. Just visit our contact page and fill out the contact form to get started on your vending journey. And if you still have any questions, don’t worry- we offer free consultations.

Transforming Recreation Centers with Vending Machines

A rendering of three fully-stocked vending machines.  The one on the left is blue, the one in the middle is yellow, and the one on the right is red.

When you own or manage a recreation center, you likely put a lot of time, thought, and effort into your space, creating a center that’s buzzing with people, every corner filled with laughter, excitement, and energy. It’s where people come to unwind, engage, and create cherished memories. But have you ever considered how you can enhance their experience? We have the answer: vending machines.

Source of On-Demand Refreshments

Consider a typical day: parents proudly watch on the sidelines while their children practice, groups of teens finish their pickup game of basketball, and people are there enjoying whatever movement or activity they can. When hunger hits (or a celebratory sports drink is in order!), where do they turn?

That’s where the brilliance of vending machines fits in perfectly. With a vending machine at arm’s reach, you offer an immediate solution to quench thirst and satisfy hunger. From invigorating iced teas and refreshing waters to hunger-crushing protein bars, you can cater to everyone’s preferences without leaving the premises. Convenience meets variety in one neat package!

Pioneering Healthier Choices in Your Community

As a hub of community activity, recreation centers have the unique opportunity to influence the well-being of their community. One great way to do this is by providing access to healthier snacking options.

At Orsino Vending, with our vending machines, it’s not all about chips and candies. We’re able to stock a wide variety of healthy snacks, from granola bars and dried fruits to nuts and assorted sandwiches. This way, you’re not just catering to cravings, but also nourishing bodies and promoting healthier snack habits. In a world where convenience often means fast-food or sugary snacks, let’s redefine the norm and make healthful choices accessible and easy.

Get Started Today

By offering a hassle-free vending solution, you not only improve the experience of your visitors, but you also provide a valuable service that enhances your business. Parents can relax, knowing that a snack or drink is always available. Children can enjoy a wider range of treats and drinks.

Moreover, think about it from a management perspective- the machines are set up and stocked regularly without any hassle. It’s an easy way to offer a beneficial service while maintaining focus on what matters most – providing an engaging and fun environment in your recreation center.

At Orsino Vending, we proudly serve New Jersey and the Tri-State area with all of their vending machine needs. From providing free machines to your location to assisting with repairs, we go above and beyond to provide top-of-the-line service. And if you aren’t sure, don’t worry- we offer free on-location consultations. Getting started is as easy as contacting us to discuss your needs. Visit our contact page, call us at 201-871-9286, or email us to get started!

Boost Your Property Appeal with Vending Machines

A cartoon of a woman buying a snack from a vending machine

Picture this – your residents coming home from a long day, hungry for a snack or thirsty for a refreshing drink. Wouldn’t it be a game-changer to offer them a quick solution right in the comfort of their own building? This is the power of having vending machines in your apartment or condo complex. Besides offering a convenient solution, several other perks make vending machines in your building a mutually beneficial experience. Below we’ll go over those, and let you know how you can get started!

A Convenient Perk for Residents

By installing a vending machine, you’re providing an amenity that adds tangible value to your property. It’s a convenience that tenants will appreciate day and night, during a sudden hunger pang or an unexpected guest visit. And with vending machines being accessible 24/7, they’re the perfect solution for those midnight cravings or last-minute snack needs.

And before you think that vending machines are just junk food, let’s set the record straight. Gone are the days when vending machines were only stocked with sodas and candy bars. Today’s machines offer a wide variety of drinks and snacks to satisfy all tastes. From refreshing iced teas, sports drinks, and fruit juices to nutritious snacks like nuts, granola, and even sandwiches, your residents can enjoy a diverse selection any time of the day or night.

Strategic Placement

When it comes to enhancing convenience for your residents, the location of your vending machines matters. Think about places where people often find themselves wishing for a snack or a drink, such as in the laundry room. Another popular place is where residents and their guests may congregate, such as outside pavilions or indoor common areas. If your complex has a pool or gym, those are great choices, too! Placing vending machines in these high-traffic areas makes it easy for residents (and their guests) to grab a quick snack or a refreshing drink. It also helps foster a sense of community as these areas become mini-social hubs.

Enhancing Your Property’s Appeal

Aside from being a valuable convenience for your residents, vending machines can also enhance the appeal of your property. They signify that you care about the resident’s needs and are ready to go the extra mile to ensure their comfort. Plus, with machines that accept both credit cards and dollar bills (like ours!), you’re offering a hassle-free and easy solution for everyone.

Taking the Next Step

Whether you manage an apartment complex, an office building, or even a recreation center, investing in vending machines can elevate your property and provide a much-appreciated perk for your residents. And the best part? At Orsino Vending, our machines come at no cost to you and are serviced regularly. We also offer free consultations.

Don’t hesitate – visit our contact page or call us at (201) 871-9286 today to get started on your vending journey!

Revitalize Your Workspace with a Vending Machine Makeover

A cartoon of a vending machine that says "Snacks and Drinks". In circles near it it has pictures of and lists: chips, crackers, bars, sandwich, bottles, and drinks, showing the many options a vending machine could have!

We all know that familiar feeling. You glance around your office, and it just seems… well, a bit stale. It’s springtime, and the world outside is blooming with new life and fresh beginnings. Isn’t it time your office space reflected that same vibrant energy?

EnergizeYour Office with Vending Machines

Consider this: A vending machine. Not just any vending machine, but a top-notch machine packed with whatever you want. From tasty beverages to filling sandwiches (and, of course, many types of snacks!), the possibilities are nearly endless.

Rather than solitary lunches in cars or at the desk, the once-empty breakroom can become a hub of activity and interaction. A vending machine (or several!) can transform it into a place where employees gather around the beverage machine, discussing the latest office happenings over a cold soda or a refreshing iced tea. It’s a spot where people can grab a quick pick-me-up during the afternoon slump, choosing from a range of healthy snacks, candies, or even a hot or cold sandwich.

More Than Just Snacks and Drinks

A vending machine can fundamentally change the aesthetic and atmosphere of your workspace. Its sleek design and modern payment options bring a touch of contemporary cool to any environment.

It also shows your employees that you are invested in their well-being. We’ve all been in a situation where we needed a snack but forgot to pack any. Rather than rush on their break or wait it out, they can now take a quick walk to the vending machine and find a perfect snack to keep their day on track.

Ready to Refresh Your Workspace?

If this vision sounds appealing to you, reach out to us here at Orsino Vending. We offer free consultations, provide free machines to locations, and offer both snack and beverage vending machines. And the best part? The service aspect. There’s no need for you to worry about restocking or maintenance- we take care of that, replenishing the machine with fresh snacks and drinks every month, ensuring there’s always something new to try.

Don’t wait; kickstart your vending journey today. Give us a call at (201) 871-9286, or visit our contact page and fill out the form to get started!

The Best Places To Consider Adding a Vending Machine

Woman making a purchase from a vending machine at a subway station.

No matter the location, every place can benefit from a vending machine. While we have often spoken of their importance in offices, there are a myriad of other places that are improved by a vending machine.

We often get asked what the best place for a vending machine is. And truth be told, they do go well everywhere. However, one common element makes a place prime real estate for (often multiple) vending machines. And that is…

Anywhere With Potentially Long Wait Times

We all need food and water to get us through each day. If what you thought would be a thirty minute task has turned into three hours, it’s likely that you’re hungry and thirsty. While vending machines are a great addition to any space, they are particularly helpful for places where people will be for a while. Often, these are places where people cannot leave and come back. In times like those, vending machines are truly a savior.

So, consider adding a vending machine (or a few!) to any of the following locations:

  • Post Office.
  • Salons.
  • Doctor’s Office.
  • Event Center.
  • DMV.
  • Car Dealership.
  • Mechanic.
  • Schools and Universities.
  • Laundromats.
  • Stadiums.
  • Libraries.
  • Hospital.
  • Bus, Subway, and Train Stations.
  • Shopping Centers.
  • Theme Parks.
  • Public Pool.
  • Park.
  • Beaches or Lakes.
  • Skate Parks.
  • Recreation Center.

A vending machine ensures everyone can stay charged with food and drink, and ensures no one gets hangry- which is especially important when you get to the front of the line and hear that you need a different form filled out. When you’re ready to begin your vending machine journey, contact us here at Orsino Vending. We have everything from coffee machines to fresh food machines for sale! Our machines are equipped for dollar bills and cards, and we offer quick, precise maintenance. 

The Surprising History of Vending Machines

An old pocket watch in front of old leather books- signifying history.

When you’re in front of a vending machine, the last thing you’re thinking about is the historical origin. Instead, you’re likely thinking of what snack or drink to get. While we can’t blame you for focusing on the snacks at hand, the origins of vending machines are quite interesting! So grab a snack and tuck in to learn about the surprising history of vending machines.

The First Vending Machines

Shockingly- the first instance of a vending machine dates back to first-century Egypt! Created by the engineer and mathematician Hero of Alexandria, the device dispensed holy water in temples. When a person inserted their coin into the machine, it fell upon a lever, allowing the holy water to flow. After the coin fell due to the pan tilting, a counterweight would shut the lever.

After that, different versions popped up. In the early 1600s, brass vending machines were built to dispense tobacco. They were small, portable, and often found in taverns. In the early 1800s, Richard Carlile created a dispensing machine that allowed patrons of his store to buy banned books.

However, the first fully automatic vending machine (as we know it) appeared in 1867 and was built for dispensing stamps. As more were made, they could readily be found at railroad stations and post offices across London. Over time, they began dispensing envelopes and postcards in addition to stamps.                                                                                    

Vending Machines Today

A lot has changed since the first vending machine! Since then, vending machines have changed in size, material, location, and the goods they dispense. While some vending machines still take change, most modern machines are equipped with card readers.

While they are a stark difference from the first vending machine in Egypt, one thing has remained the same: vending machines have always been placed with the intent of helping people out. Whether it was providing food for a nickel, or even vending machines offering handmade jewelry and socks, they are always there to help a community.

No matter the location, every business can benefit from a vending machine. When you’re ready to begin your vending machine journey, contact us here at Orsino Vending. We have everything from coffee machines to fresh food machines for sale! Our machines are equipped for dollar bills and cards, and we offer quick, precise maintenance. 

We have proudly served Englewood, NJ, and its’ surrounding areas for over 25 years. We know you will love your machine, and we offer free consultations- so pick up the phone and call 201-871-9286 to get started!

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions And Still Enjoy Vending Machines

Man holding a chocolate bar and apple, making a choice

Many people decide to make New Year’s resolutions around eating better. Whether for weight loss or just making healthier choices, it’s always good to ensure you have good, nourishing food, with a few treats!

As many of us return to working in offices, you might be tempted by vending machines with sugary candy, salty chips, and cold sodas. While these are all fine in moderation, we have a few surprising tips to ensure you can stay on track with your goals and enjoy vending machines!

Keep Snacking

Yes, you read that right! Studies have shown that having smaller meals throughout the day sustains energy and curbs hunger. So, make sure your day includes breakfast, lunch, and plenty of snacks! Many offices have vending machines with healthy options– such as protein bars or even salads!

Stay Hydrated

Let’s be clear: if you’re hungry, you’re hungry! Never try to curb hunger with liquid. However, staying properly hydrated can help you feel better and be more aware while you eat. If you’re not a fan of plain water, you can add flavor drops or go with options like unsweetened iced tea!

Tip: while many think that juice is a healthy choice- it often is filled with high amounts of sugar and calories. Double-check what you’re getting if you’re trying to be aware of those things!

Treat Yourself

Another surprising one! Now, to be fair, we don’t mean every day. Sometimes you may need to resist the urge to grab a candy bar, and instead have some fruit. But let’s be honest- some days, the only thing that will curb that craving is the candy bar. 

The best solution is to honor your intense cravings- often, when people ignore their cravings, it later leads to overindulgence. So, if you’re going on a few days of craving the same thing: get it! Allow yourself to enjoy it, and return to your conscientious eating!

To ensure you have the proper snacks to keep on track with your New Year’s Resolutions, consider us here at Orsino Vending. We have everything from coffee machines to fresh food machines for sale! Our machines are equipped for dollar bills and cards and offer quick, precise maintenance. We have proudly served Englewood, NJ, and its’ surrounding areas for over 25 years. We know you will love your machine, so pick up the phone and call 201-871-9286 to get started!

How Snacking Sustains Energy Throughout the Workday

Cartoon of three people working and snacking

Why is it that snack time was an integral part of our days when we were kids, but as adults, that has since faded? We at Orsino Vending are here to tell you: keep on snacking! Many studies have shown the benefits of snacking; sustained energy, and in some cases, weight loss! If you need more proof, below is how snacking throughout the workday sustains energy.

We’ve all been there: it’s 3 PM, you have two hours to go, and you are tired. Most people will reach for a cup of coffee or a sugary soda. And while we understand why, it’s better to snack!

Caffeine will affect your sleep that night, causing you to be even more tired the next day.

By reaching for a snack, you are giving your body the tools to break down your choice of snack into sustainable energy for your body. Rather than a quick burst that fizzles, you will instead have energy that lasts you hours, pushing through the 3 PM slump and setting you up to have a restful sleep!

Of course, it does help if the snacks you choose are energy-boosting. There’s nothing wrong with a bag of chips or a cookie now and then, but if you have them every day, you’ll likely be bogged down. Instead, a solid rule of thumb to keep in mind is: fat, carb, and protein. This combination is not only a hunger-crushing powerhouse, but each component works together to ensure a long-lasting hunger-crushing combination.

To ensure you have the proper snacks to fuel a productive workday, consider us here at Orsino Vending. We have everything from coffee machines to fresh food machines for sale! Our machines are equipped for dollar bills and cards and offer quick, precise maintenance. We have proudly served Englewood, NJ, and its’ surrounding areas for over 25 years. We know you will love your machine, so pick up the phone and call 201-871-9286 to get started!

Most Popular Vending Machine Items

Everyone has their favorite snack or drink from the vending machine. Whether you decide to grab your classic go-to’s or you branch out and try some new combinations, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Below are a few of the most popular vending machine items.


Food Items

Everyone has a favorite treat to grab from the vending machine! Below are the top three most popular types of snacks to get!



Unsurprisingly, candy is one of the most popular vending machine items. Most people grab candy to give them a quick burst of energy or to settle a sweet tooth!


Protein/Breakfast Bars

Whether you forgot breakfast, or need a little extra something to help you push through your day, protein and breakfast bars are a great option, making them a popular choice among consumers.


Salty Snacks

Of course, salty and savory snacks are a tenant of vending machines. Most people will grab chips to go along with their lunch or as an afternoon pick-me-up snack!


Drink Items

Below are some of the most popular choices for beverage vending machines.




Of course, a top choice is an ice-cold soda! Whether it’s to go with your lunch or as a fun treat, either way, it is one of the most popular choices for


Energy Drinks

Some days you need that extra boost- and that’s why energy drinks are among the top-ranked beverage choices for vending machines.



It’s no surprise that coffee is on this list. Whether you have a coffee vending machine in your break room or your vending machine sells packaged coffee beverages, it’s a great way to ensure everyone has access to a nice caffeinated beverage!



As you can see, some choices will always remain stocked in vending machines, and for good reasons! At Orsino Vending, we have everything from coffee machines to fresh food machines for sale! Our machines are equipped for dollar bills and cards and offer quick, precise maintenance. We have proudly served Englewood, NJ, and its’ surrounding areas for over 25 years. We know you will love your machine, so pick up the phone and call 201-871-9286 to get started!

Fun Vending Machine Combinations to Try

Coffee brewing from a vending machine into a paper cup

Everyone has their favorite snack or drink from the vending machine. Whether you want something new to get you through your Monday, or you want to enhance your usual, there are a few fun combinations you can try!

Make a Mocha

For a delicious treat that tastes right out of the coffee shop, make a mocha! Elevate your morning brew by brewing coffee or espresso, then brewing hot chocolate into it!

For an even more decadent version: purchase a plain chocolate bar. Break it up (about half) into a cup, and then brew your coffee or espresso on top. Stir to incorporate the chocolate, and add some creamer!

Add Chips

You may already grab a bag of chips to go with the sandwich from the vending machine. But have you ever tried putting the chips on your sandwich? Not only does it add a delicious crunch, but there are certain chip flavors and sandwich combos that completely elevate your lunch! Try these combinations next time:

Egg Salad Sandwich + Kettle Cooked Chips

PBJ + Classic Potato Chips

Ham and Cheese + BBQ Chips

Bologna + Salt and Vinnegar Chips

Combine Drinks

Everyone has a favorite drink. Whether you treat yourself to some soda as an afternoon pick-me-up or stick with lemonade, there are many combinations you can enjoy for a fun treat! Some fun combinations are:

Lemonade + Iced Tea

Sprite + Cola

Ginger Ale + Fruit Soda

For flavor like a root beer float, but without the mess of ice cream, try doing root beer with vanilla cola!

At Orsino Vending, we have everything from coffee machines to fresh food machines for sale! Our machines are equipped for dollar bills and cards and offer quick, precise maintenance. We have proudly served Englewood, NJ, and its’ surrounding areas for over 25 years. We know you will love your machine, so pick up the phone and call 201-871-9286 to get started!