Healthy Vending Machine Options are Gaining Popularity

Healthy Vending Machine Options are Gaining PopularityNot long ago, vending machine options were limited to candy bars, sodas, potato chips and a handful of other snack foods. These products were convenient for eating on the go, but they weren’t particularly nutritious. These days, however, it’s not uncommon to see healthier options like salads and fresh fruit in vending machines as well.

In Chicago, for example, one startup called Farmer’s Fridge specializes in stocking vending machines with fresh, nutritious snacks and even full meals. The company’s goal, according to CEO Luke Sanders, is to “make fresh food more accessible than a candy bar.” This health-conscious business model has become so successful that Farmer’s Fridge is bringing its vending machines to Milwaukee, too.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, officials in Melbourne, Australia recently installed a new 24-hour vending machine that offers organic vegan options to the city’s residents.  If the prototype vending machine is well received, Melbourne may install more of them in other high-traffic areas to make it easier for commuters to grab healthy snacks on their way to and from work.

Here at Orsino Vending, we’re committed to offering our customers a diverse variety of vending machine options, including healthy snacks and beverages. Our fresh food machines are carefully managed and maintained to ensure you always have access to delicious, nutritious fresh food options. To learn more about these or any of the other vending machines we offer at Orsino Vending, give us a call or contact us online today.

Vending Machines Can Help Promote Workplace Productivity

Vending Machines Can Help Promote Workplace ProductivityIf you own a business or manage an office, you might be under the impression that vending machines will hurt, rather than help, workplace productivity. After all, if employees are busy eating and drinking items from the vending machine, won’t it cut into the time that they should be working? But the truth is that vending machines can actually increase productivity if you install the right options. Here are a few ways they will help.

Provide employees with food and drinks.

In order for your employees to work effectively, they need to eat and drink throughout the day. If they aren’t hydrated and well fed, it could have a negative effect on productivity. By installing a vending machine in your workplace, you can give employees access to one of their most basic needs. This way, they won’t be left sitting at their desks thinking about how much they’d like a bag of chips or a cup of coffee.

Cut down on the number of times employees need to leave the workplace.

You might be concerned about how much time your employees will spend walking to and from the vending machine throughout a day, but that time will be nothing compared to the time they would spend leaving the office to grab a bite to eat or a bottle of water. A vending machine can eliminate the need to leave the office and give your employees more time to work.

Allow your employees to take a break from time to time.

You obviously want your employees to work hard throughout the day, but taking brief 5 or 10 minute breaks can actually be very beneficial for their minds and bodies. A quick trip to the vending machine will help them to recharge and get back to business once they return to their desks. This, in turn, can help your employees make the most of their time at work.

Orsino Vending can provide your company with a variety of vending machines to increase productivity and keep your employees happy. From sodas and snacks to coffee and fresh foods, we have it all. We can also repair these machines should you have any issues with them. Give us a call today at (201) 871-9286 to learn more.

Uniqlo Brings Its Clothing Vending Machines to U.S. Markets

Uniqlo Brings Its Clothing Vending Machines to U.S. MarketsLooking for a few basic T-shirts in an array of different colors? Thanks to Japanese clothing company Uniqlo, you could soon purchase your shirts from a vending machine in a mall or airport. Uniqlo specializes in offering casual, affordable clothing that is simple yet fashion-forward. Although the company is hugely popular in its home country of Japan, it’s struggled to gain a secure foothold in the U.S. This can be attributed in large part to changing retail habits among American consumers.

That’s why Uniqlo is trying something new—offering consumers the opportunity to buy clothes from vending machines, rather than its massive flagship stores in major cities. The “Uniqlo To Go” vending machines will be stocked with a number of the company’s most popular items, including lightweight down jackets and heat-retaining shirts. The clothes are packaged in boxes and cans, and they can be returned in store or through the mail.

Uniqlo hopes that its vending machines will strike an appealing middle ground between traditional retail options and online e-commerce sites. To begin with, the company will bring 10 of its vending machines to locations throughout the country, including the Houston Airport and Queens Center in New York. Not only will the vending machines offer consumers a new way to purchase Uniqlo garments, they will also serve as eye-catching marketing tools for the company’s products.

If the pilot program is successful, we may see more Uniqlo To Go machines cropping up in other places across the country as well. These days, it seems like there’s virtually no limit to the things you can find in a vending machine.

Vending Machines: Coming to an Uber Near You

Vending Machines: Coming to an Uber Near YouOne of the things that sets ridesharing service Uber apart from traditional taxi services is that its drivers often offer refreshments such as water, chips and chewing gum to their patrons. Providing these simple creature comforts helps inspire customer loyalty and give people another compelling reason to take an Uber rather than a bus or taxi. It’s a popular trend that many Uber drivers have had success with.

Now, a tech startup from New York is making it even easier for Uber drivers to serve refreshments by creating miniature vending machines for their cars. It’s called Cargo, it’s managed to generate about $1.75 million in seed funding.

Drivers can sign up for the service for free, and choose from a variety of snacks and handy travel items such as Advil and charging cables. After selecting their preferred menu items, Cargo will send them a custom display case that can be fastened to the center console in their car. Each display case has its own unique URL that passengers can visit to purchase items from the little vending machines.

Drivers receive 50 cents for each item they sell, while the rest of the profits go to Cargo. The company is also negotiating with brands to offer passengers free samples for some products as well. It’s a mutually-beneficial relationship that could make it easier for Uber drivers to provide top-notch service to their customers. The service is currently only available in New York City, Chicago and Boston, but Cargo has reportedly received interest from drivers all across the Nation.

Walmart Begins Testing Vending Machine Service for Groceries

Walmart Begins Testing Vending Machine Service for GroceriesModern vending machines can serve more than just candy bars and bags of chips. These days, you can find vending machines that offer hot drinks, sandwiches, pastries, healthy items and more. You may have even gotten lunch from a vending machine in your office today!

Now, retail giant Walmart has introduced a creative new way for people to buy their groceries from a freestanding self-service vending machine. The vending machine consists of a 20-by-80-foot kiosk erected in a Walmart parking lot in Warr Acres, Oklahoma. It includes a refrigerator and freezer for perishable items, and it’s reportedly open 24 hours a day.

Using a smartphone app, customers can browse more than 30,000 grocery items and place orders that can be picked up later at their convenience. The only restriction is a $30 minimum order on items in the vending machine. Once customers are ready to pick up their groceries, an automated system puts all the items together and delivers them to a drive-up access point on the vending machine’s exterior.

Walmart is currently testing just one of its huge vending machines, but if the experiment is successful we may start to see them crop up in other locations as well. The company’s executives are optimistic that customers will be happy with the added speed and convenience that the vending machine offers. After all, who doesn’t want to expedite their weekly trip to the grocery store?

Interested in outfitting your workplace with a new vending machine? At Orsino Vending, we offer a variety of state-of-the-art machines that serve everything from sodas to sandwiches. Give us a call today or contact us online to learn more.

Benefits of Keeping Coffee in the Workplace

Coffee is a good thing to have around, especially in an environment where the main objectives are to get work done and refrain from snoozing. There is good reason why caffeine has found a permanent home in most workplace cultures. Here are the top 3 reasons why every workplace should offer the staple pick me up.

Coffee enhances performance.

Benefits of Keeping Coffee in the WorkplaceCaffeine, The active stimulant found in coffee, triggers the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine activates our brain’s reward center and is responsible for any goal-driven activity we may conduct on a daily basis. Norepinephrine plays a vital role in our fight or flight responses, improving our alertness and reaction time. Moderate coffee consumption has been proven to enhance memory, attention, reaction time, learning ability and general cognitive functions.

It stimulates interaction with co-workers.

“Let’s grab a cup of coffee” has become synonymous with having conversation. Although we’re talking about coffee in the workplace, as opposed to meeting up at a coffee shop, the basic principle remains the same. Coffee is a great way to decompress and have meaningful discussions with colleagues and superiors alike. Plus, contrary to popular belief, studies have actually shown that chatting up your office mate may actually promote, and not inhibit, productivity.

Coffee is good for your health.

While this may sound controversial, there is more research that points to positive health benefits of coffee than negative ones. A number of studies have revealed that daily consumption of three or four cups of coffee may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, liver disease and even strokes. With this in mind, it remains important to use your best judgment. If you have trouble sleeping or are prone to anxiety, however, you might want to refrain from having that extra cup of Joe.

Want to provide your employees with fresh, delicious coffee? We offer vending machines that can dispense coffee, espresso and more. Contact us to learn more about any of the coffee machines we carry at Orsino Vending today.

Best and Worst Vending Machine Snacks on a Diet

Vending machines are a convenient way to get a little boost of energy or a refreshing drink at any time throughout your day. Whether the one in your office break room is always stocked with goodies or you end up waiting for a delayed bus or train in the station, sometimes you have to give in and grab a snack from the vending machine. When you’re trying to diet or eat healthy, though, it can be hard to know which snacks to choose. If the vending machine is stocked properly, there should be some snacks available that won’t throw off your diet. Here are three of the best and worst vending machine snacks choices for anyone on a diet, courtesy of MyFitnessPal!

Vending Machine OptionsWorst: Candy

If you’re craving some sugar, avoid munching on a candy bar. Vending machines will always have candy bars, but there are other options that are better for you. Plus, if you’re really hungry, a candy bar will only give you a bit of energy before you crash. A healthier option will fill you up and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Best: Granola Bars

Granola bars are a great vending machine choice if you’re watching what you eat. Many granola bars packed with much more than granola, including dried fruits and nuts that are held together with honey. If you find an option that’s mostly fruit and nuts with maybe a hint of dark chocolate to sate your sweet tooth, that’s a great choice that’s packed with protein to keep you energized and eating healthy.

Worst: Pastries

If you’re in the mood for a more filling snack it’s easy to be tempted by the allure of doughnuts, muffins or honey buns. However, these tasty treats are not the answer! Simple carbs found in these pastries – just like candy – will only keep you feeling full for a short period of time.

Best: Popcorn

Popcorn, at its core, is a super healthy snack – minus the extra salt and fake buttery flavor, of course. A little bit, though, still won’t rule out popcorn as a health-conscious choice. Look for a low-calorie option that will keep you full without breaking the bank on your diet. While you should skip the cheesy option or extra butter choice, plain or low-calorie popcorn with just a touch of salt will kick that snack craving and fill you up between meals.

Worst: Soda

If you’re thirsty and craving something with carbonation, skip the Mountain Dew. Sugary soft drinks are not only bad for your teeth, but they don’t actually hydrate you. Plus, these drinks are loaded with empty calories – the last thing you want on a diet. Skip the soda and reach for a healthier choice. You should also be wary of drinks like iced tea and lemonade, too, as many are packed with sugars.

Best: Water

That’s right – if you’re thirsty, the best choice is regular old water. While it can be tempting to choose a sugary drink, water will help you keep hydrated and ready to go. Can’t imagine not having the bubbly pop of a carbonated soda? Try seltzer instead – it’s got all the health benefits of water with the effervescence of soda.

No matter what diet you’re following, a well-stocked vending machine should be full of good-for-you snacks to choose from! Orsino Vending offers a full range of tasty snacks and cool beverages in our vending machines and can work with you to keep your machines stocked and located right where you need them for your customers, community or staff. Learn more about Orsino Vending and our full range of options for you by calling us at 201-871-9286 today.

Get the Right Beverages for Your Venue

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing – everyone gets thirsty. That’s why it is important to have the right drinks in your vending machines to properly hydrate your patrons, and Orsino Vending can help make that happen.

We offer a wide variety of beverages to keep your patrons’ thirst at bay regardless of what they may be doing. If you run a gym, for example, it is only natural that after a long workout your members are going to be exhausted. Along with that, they will need to replenish their fluids to rehydrate what they just sweated out during their workout. By having your vending machine stocked with sports drinks in numerous flavors, your members will be able to cool down and replenish their body with beverages from your machine.

Also, not everyone wants a protein shake after a hard workout. Some people also don’t like the consistency of them. By having sports drinks, lemonade, soda and energy drinks stocked in the machine at your location, you can offer your customers an array of options. This can go a long way in keeping them happy and hydrated, while also keeping them a member of your gym.

Even though it might not seem strenuous, shopping can wear people out. Between walking from store to store to trying numerous different clothes on, it is easy to see why people will start to slow down as the shopping goes on. That’s where vending machines come in handy. They can offer numerous delicious beverages that can give shoppers what they need to keep going.

Whether someone craves a soda or a refreshing iced tea, a good beverage can make the difference between continuing to shop or going home early. Orsino Vending can stock your shopping mall’s vending machines with a wide variety of sodas and refreshing beverages to keep your shoppers happy and spending more time at the mall.

If you’re looking to have to right beverages in your vending machines for your patrons, then let Orsino Vending help. For more information about our beverage vending machines and the selections available, call us today at 201-871-9286!

Five Businesses that Can Benefit from a Vending Machine

As a business owner, it’s a great idea to have vending machines on site for your employees or customers. Your employees can enjoying the convenience of being able to get a quick snack while clocked in, while your customers can take advantage to get a drink or treat while using your services or waiting for an appointment. The bottom line is that having a vending machine can benefit businesses of all types. Let’s look at five different kinds of businesses that would benefit greatly from vending machines.

Vending Machine LocationsAuto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops are perfect for vending machines. Sometimes customers like to wait for their cars to be repaired, and having a vending machine on site would allow the customer to grab a quick snack while they wait. Whether they’d like a bag of chips to tide them over while they wait or a hot cup of coffee, a vending machine gives them options to choose from while your team works on their vehicle. Speaking of your team, they can take advantage too, and grab a quick snack between service appointments to keep them energized throughout the day.

Apartment & Condo Complexes

If you run an apartment or condo complex, a vending machine would allow your tenants to grab a quick snack at any time – day or night – instead of needing to get in the car and drive to the store. It can also be a convenient addition to a shared space like a tenant lounge or laundry area. A vending machine in your rental office is also a great addition and can make prospective tenants more comfortable and welcome while they wait to view available units or complete their application paperwork.

Small Business Cafeterias

This was touched on in the introduction, but it’s worth mentioning again: having a vending machine for your employees in the cafeteria is a fantastic idea. If you staff doesn’t have time for a full meal or need a bite to eat because they forgot to pack a lunch, having a vending machine available allows them to fuel up quickly and go on with their day. Our machines can also be stocked with breakfast or lunch options, meaning that no matter what your business hours of operation are, your staff can get a wholesome meal. As a small business owner, you cannot go wrong with vending machines in the cafeteria for employees.


Believe it or not, certain bars have vending machines in them, allowing their patrons to purchase a quick candy bar or bagged snack. Most of the time, you would see vending machines in bars that do not serve food. However, if you have the space and want to offer guests in your bar or tavern a snack option, adding a vending machine can be the perfect way to meet your customers’ needs.

Recreation Centers

Recreation centers of all types are a wonderful place for people to gather to play games and share their passions. It also makes it an ideal location for a vending machine. Whether it’s the kids playing in the arcade or game space, avid gamers enjoying a day playing their favorite board, card or video games, or group chaperones or counselors in need of a quick bite to eat, a vending machine will see plenty of use at a rec center. Adding some vending machines with beverage and snack options for players and participants can keep everyone happy and satisfied for a fun-filled day of recreation.

Orsino Vending is a vending machine company and repair service serving all of New Jersey with a full range of vending options. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to go over some options with you and discuss our vending machine choices to serve up cool drinks, warm beverages and snacks. A representative can come out to your business and discuss options for your business. Schedule your consultation today by calling Orsino Vending at 201-871-9286.

Buying a Car from a Vending Machine?!

When most people use a vending machine, they are usually on a mission to collect a few snacks or some tasty beverages, but that is just the start of what these marvelous machines can do. What if we told you that vending machines were becoming so advanced that you could purchase something as grand as a brand new car from a vending machine? Think we’re crazy? Think again.

The concept is real, and it is Carvana. It’s latest opening is located in Houston, Texas, and features a tower that serves as a multi-story “vending machine” that is filled with cars of just about every make and model. While you can’t truly just walk up to it, insert money or swipe a card and receive a new car, it’s still a really cool idea.

Car Vending MachineHere’s how it works. Someone is in the market for a new car, so they go online and pick the vehicle that works best for them. Once they have selected their vehicle, it is time to go pick it up, and they can do that by visiting the Carvana tower, says VentureBeat.

When they get to the tower, a Carvana associate will present the buyer with their own unique coin which they then insert into the machine. After that, they sit back and watch as their car is delivered directly to them. It is definitely a different car-buying experience.

It can be a lucrative business too, as the online car-buying market has grown into a huge market of its own, with investors pledging hundreds millions of dollars for online vehicle vendors since they have become mainstream. Carvana’s unique vending machine idea only makes it all that much more exciting and appealing to would-be buyers.

At Orsino Vending, we offer a wide selection of vending machine options, although none of our machines offer cars or trucks. Our machines do offer a great selection of items, however, from sweets and treats to fresh-made meals and hot and cold beverage options. We provide vending machines at no cost to you so you can expand the options available at your business, community group or other location. We are thrilled to work with businesses of all kinds, so give us a call at 201-871-9286 today to get started with a free, no-obligation consultation.