What Are the Most Common Vending Machine Issues?

Most people might agree that vending machines are one of the greatest inventions. They provide a convenient lunch option for those who forgot to bring theirs, carry a selection of beverages and can help sate rumbly stomachs with a light snack. They’re a valuable asset to any workspace or public property – until they stop working, of course.

Vending Machine ErrorsIt’s 10 a.m. and you’ve only been to work for an hour or so. You forgot to eat breakfast and woke up late so you didn’t have time to stop on the way for a bite to eat. Now, you’re stuck working on an empty stomach until lunch time, but wait – the vending machine downstairs is fully stocked with a variety of snacks and goodies that are sure to tide you over until lunch time. You confidently make your way downstairs thinking of what you’re going to get along the way and finally arrive to make your selection. All that’s left to do is wait for the machine to free your selection and drop it to the bottom, but then your worst nightmare comes true: it gets stuck!

Stuck items are among some of the most common vending machine issues. Selections can get stuck on their way to the bottom of the machine, which is not only terribly frustrating for the purchaser, but can cause them to not want to use a machine again. Fortunately, this common problem is easy to repair and can even be fixed with the right equipment your maintenance crew might have on-hand.

What are some of the other common vending machine issues?

Out of Stock

Running out of products is bound to happen in vending machines, especially if you have an infrequent restocking schedule. If you know some items are outselling others, you may reconfigure your setup to offer additional inventory to keep customers happy.

Dollar Bill Issues

Some cash-only machines that are older have issues accepting dollar bills or giving back correct change. A professional technician, like those at Orsino Vending, can help get your machine working properly again so that your clients can buy confidently.

Vending Door Stuck

As vending machines age, the door or access panel for beverages or purchased items can wear out or get dented, making it difficult to buyers to get their item. Older machines can wear out, but with a quick repair or replacing old parts, your vending machine can be restored to fully usable form again.

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