Vending Machine Issues That Require Maintenance

Man having trouble using vending machine

Vending machines are an extremely convenient option for those who need a quick snack or drink at the office, when running errands and more.

While these machines are a great tool for feeding your workforce and customers, there are certain issues that can arise that will cause them to work inefficiently.

When you want your vending machines to be a benefit to your business, make sure to avoid these common issues.

Dollar bills not being accepted

There’s nothing worse than going to a vending machine to grab your favorite snack or soda only to find that your dollar bills won’t be accepted.

As machines age, they can have issues accepting dollar bills that are crinkled or damaged, making it important to have your machine maintained to avoid this annoyance.

A professional technician can help get your machine working properly so your employees and customers can purchase their favorite snacks with confidence.

Vending door not opening properly

If you have a vending machine at your business with a damaged door or access panel, it is important to have it checked out by a professional vending machine maintenance team.

When these doors get dented or won’t open as they should, it can make it difficult for your employees or customers to reach their items.

With proper repairs and the replacement of older parts, your vending machine can be restored to fully usable form again.

Items getting stuck

Items that get stuck on their way out of the machine are one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to vending machines.

When an employee or customer purchases an item and it gets stuck on its way to the bottom of the machine, it can create anger and make them not want to use your machine again.

While all these issues can create headaches for those using your machines, they can all fortunately be repaired fairly easily with the right maintenance crew and equipment.

Should the vending machines in your office or commercial space need repair, or you’re considering installing new machines, we invite you to call our team at Orsino Vending today at (201) 871-9286.

Benefits of Proper Vending Machine Maintenance

Vending machines are a great addition to any workplace, campus, public park or other property where people congregate. These machines not only give people a convenient space to grab a snack, but they can improve work productivity, aid students who are pulling an “all-nighter” for a big exam and more.

To ensure the vending machines on your property are working as they should, it’s essential they are getting proper maintenance from a reliable vending machine company. Proper maintenance will avoid items getting stuck, dollar bills being rejected and more.

For a more pleasant staff, student body or visitor on your property, make the smart move and have your vending machines regularly maintained.  

Vending Machine Cleaning

You’ll keep employees, students happy

When the vending machines on your property are maintained correctly, there should be little to no user issues.

There’s nothing worse than going to get a snack, only to find that dollars won’t be accepted or that food is dangling from the end of the conveyer, just out of reach.

A maintenance team will properly oil all machine parts for the easy flow of products, make sure all screens and buttons are working, and that those pesky dollar bills are being accepted the first time.

Food and drinks will be safe

It’s strongly advised that you hire a vending machine company with experience, and one that does things the right way. With a trusted vending company, you’ll ensure the very best cleaning products are used (preferably those made from melaleuca oil), and that the purchaser is safe to eat their favorite snack.  

A professional maintenance team will also disinfect all surfaces on the machine when they come for regular maintenance, not only making the machine look clean, but making sure the system is germ free (which has become even more important in today’s world).

The machine will last longer

Another reason for having vending machines maintained is to make sure they continue to run for years to come. It can be an inconvenience to everyone at your site if there are always people coming out to make repairs.

A maintenance team will check for proper airflow behind the machine, correct balance and more. The company can come at a time that works best for you for even greater convenience.

If you own a business in New Jersey and are considering adding a vending machine, we ask that you think of us at Orsino Vending. We have years of experience in the business and will not only make sure you have a fully stocked vending machine at your site, but one that is running effectively. To learn more about all we provide, give us a call today at (201) 871-9286.