The Benefits of A Newer Vending Machine

The Benefits of A Newer Vending MachineThere is nothing more frustrating than being hungry for a pick-me-up snack during the work day only to have your money gobbled up by the vending machine. With no vending machine representative available at that exact moment, it’s good bye snack and hello aggravation.

Two scenarios that are all too frequent with old vending machines include: food and drink get stuck, and money gets stuck as well. When your food or drink gets jammed in the machine, you stand there helpless, banging on the glass like a maniac trying to loosen what’s stuck. The same goes for money that gets eaten by the machine, nothing you can do.

Rather than calling your vending machine company to come out and fix the old, tired machine, why not just replace it with a new machine? Newer model vending machines have a much less likely chance of encountering problems.

Service calls will be far and few between and your employees will be able to get that midday snack or refreshment when they need it and without losing money. Newer vending machines are also quicker to release the purchased items. Gone are the days of waiting what feels like an eternity for the granola bar or bottle of water to drop.

At Orsino Vending, we can provide your company with a new and efficient vending machine that won’t cause the headaches that an older machine will. You can contact us to hear more about the specific types of vending machines we have as well as the services provided.