Eat Better in 2017 With Healthy Snack Options

Healthy Snack Options With New Year’s right around the corner, people around the world are preparing their resolutions, and in many cases, that will include a goal to eat better in 2017. It’s a great resolution to have, but it’s often easier said than done due to temptations being all around us, including the workplace. If you’re a business owner and you know your employees are trying to eat better, help them out by providing healthier snack and meal options in your vending machines with Orsino Vending.

We offer numerous healthy snack options that will not only help your employees keep their resolutions but help others make healthier decisions as well. Some of the brands we can bring to your vending machines include Sun Chips, Smart Food and Snackwell, as well as baked versions of your favorite Lay’s potato chips. We also offer low-calorie alternatives, including plantain chips, low-calorie cookies, popcorns, trail mix and other healthy options to stock at your business.

By having these healthier options in your vending machines, you take the stress that can come with the resolutions and reduce it considerably. This not only makes your employees’ day a little easier, but also improves their overall spirit which could then catch on with others.

Apart from the people with resolutions, adding new health-conscious choices allows you to offer great options for people who may not have a resolution but still conscientiously eat well on a daily basis. If they do, chances are they don’t snack much. However, when they do, having healthier options in the vending machines will allow them to indulge slightly without breaking their eating regimen.

These healthier options will also provide an opportunity for other employees or guests at your business to explore eating better as well. Some of them might not know these different foods are out there. So by having them in the machine, you not only educate but give them something better to consume in the process.

If you would like healthier options in your businesses vending machines or would like more information on our other vending options, call Orsino Vending at 201-871-9286 today!

Promoting Healthy Eating With Healthy Vending Machine Choices

Promoting Healthy Eating With Healthy Vending Machine ChoicesVending machines play an important role in the office environment. Serving up welcomed refreshments to keep energy levels high among employees is crucial to the work day.

Too often however, vending machines are stocked to the brim with unhealthy and too sugary snacks. It is a well-known fact that when sugar is consumed it provides our bodies with ample energy, but once that sugar rush wears off (and it happens quickly) we crash and start the craving process all over again.

There are plenty of healthy snacks that provide the same satisfaction as sugar and high carbohydrates without the negative effects. Since your employees need fuel to concentrate and be productive throughout the day, here is a list of what should be in snack and fresh food vending machines. At first, your employees might grumble, but overtime they will begin to see how much better they perform when great food is readily available.

Snack vending machine:

Low sugar granola bars

Salt free or sea salt nuts

Whole grain crackers

Pita chips

Rice cakes

Dark chocolate

Fresh food vending machine:




Low-fat dressing and vegetable dips

Chicken salad

Tuna sandwiches

Aside from food vending, beverage vending should be kept to low-sugar drinks and water.

By offering a healthy option, you are giving your work staff a chance to stay focused with foods that are good for you and delicious. At Orsino Vending, we supply snack and fresh food vending machines as well as those equipped for beverages. For a free vending machine consultation, contact Orsino Vending today.