Promote Better Health With Fresh Food Vending Machines (Infographic)

In our society today, there is a renewed desire to eat better and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

If you’ve been on the ball, you might have noticed there’s a change in the types of vending machines put out in the world.

Offices, gyms, schools, and parks have begun to add fresh food vending machines containing healthier, meal options.

Check out our infographic to see how a fresh food vending machine will help promote better health for you or your company.

Promote Better Health With Fresh Food Vending Machines

Why not promote a healthy lifestyle with additional options for your employees, students or customers?

From yogurt to salads, the healthy options are endless.

Place a healthy optioned vending machine in your building.

Orsino Vending provides full-service snack and drink options for many clients throughout the New Jersey. Whether your location requires a complete cafeteria or a single vending machine, we can accommodate your needs.