Here’s Why Our Coffee Vending Machine Will Be Your Employees’ New Favorite Thing

As we’ve mentioned before, a vending machine should be every business manager’s next major buy for the building. It adds a new service to the bustling lobby, offering healthy snacks and beverages for all those inside. And most importantly, it allows the tenants to get to know each other, providing a place to talk to those who share your space. But, when it comes to conversation, nothing does that job better than a coffee vending machine.

Here’s Why Our Coffee Vending Machine Will Be Your Employees’ New Favorite Thing

Bring the next caffeinating station to your business building. Our coffee machines are stacked with coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and hot chocolate options, all of which use the most up-to-date brewing technologies. You’ll be able to customize your red eye and lessen your latte, just with the click of a button. Sure to be guaranteed hits, these drinks are must-haves in a work environment, adding that needed energy during crunch time, and letting employees have a place to blow off some steam.

Employees Need Their Coffee Break

But the best part of all: you’re saving them time and money. The items in all of our vending machines are affordable, but the coffee machine lends itself a much-needed break to the working man’s wallet in particular. We cannot count the amount of times we’ve all had to leave the building to pay for an overpriced cup of coffee somewhere nearby. Now, you’ll cut that time and price in half, by simply having the coffee in your lobby at a cost that is both low and competitive. Knowing that is sure to make your coffee taste that much better.

So don’t be surprised to see a line forming soon after you plug in the caffeinating station. If anything, that line should be a sign: that your employees have been waiting for this a long, long time.