Five Businesses that Can Benefit from a Vending Machine

As a business owner, it’s a great idea to have vending machines on site for your employees or customers. Your employees can enjoying the convenience of being able to get a quick snack while clocked in, while your customers can take advantage to get a drink or treat while using your services or waiting for an appointment. The bottom line is that having a vending machine can benefit businesses of all types. Let’s look at five different kinds of businesses that would benefit greatly from vending machines.

Vending Machine LocationsAuto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops are perfect for vending machines. Sometimes customers like to wait for their cars to be repaired, and having a vending machine on site would allow the customer to grab a quick snack while they wait. Whether they’d like a bag of chips to tide them over while they wait or a hot cup of coffee, a vending machine gives them options to choose from while your team works on their vehicle. Speaking of your team, they can take advantage too, and grab a quick snack between service appointments to keep them energized throughout the day.

Apartment & Condo Complexes

If you run an apartment or condo complex, a vending machine would allow your tenants to grab a quick snack at any time – day or night – instead of needing to get in the car and drive to the store. It can also be a convenient addition to a shared space like a tenant lounge or laundry area. A vending machine in your rental office is also a great addition and can make prospective tenants more comfortable and welcome while they wait to view available units or complete their application paperwork.

Small Business Cafeterias

This was touched on in the introduction, but it’s worth mentioning again: having a vending machine for your employees in the cafeteria is a fantastic idea. If you staff doesn’t have time for a full meal or need a bite to eat because they forgot to pack a lunch, having a vending machine available allows them to fuel up quickly and go on with their day. Our machines can also be stocked with breakfast or lunch options, meaning that no matter what your business hours of operation are, your staff can get a wholesome meal. As a small business owner, you cannot go wrong with vending machines in the cafeteria for employees.


Believe it or not, certain bars have vending machines in them, allowing their patrons to purchase a quick candy bar or bagged snack. Most of the time, you would see vending machines in bars that do not serve food. However, if you have the space and want to offer guests in your bar or tavern a snack option, adding a vending machine can be the perfect way to meet your customers’ needs.

Recreation Centers

Recreation centers of all types are a wonderful place for people to gather to play games and share their passions. It also makes it an ideal location for a vending machine. Whether it’s the kids playing in the arcade or game space, avid gamers enjoying a day playing their favorite board, card or video games, or group chaperones or counselors in need of a quick bite to eat, a vending machine will see plenty of use at a rec center. Adding some vending machines with beverage and snack options for players and participants can keep everyone happy and satisfied for a fun-filled day of recreation.

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