Don’t Have Change For The Vending Machine? Apple Pay Might Be Able To Help

Don’t Have Change For The Vending Machine? Apple Pay Might Be Able To HelpWe all know the feeling; you’re starving or unbelievably thirsty and then you see it, the vending machine. You dig through your pockets, searching for change while running over as fast as you can. There you are, face pressed to the vending machine glass, when you realize you don’t have any change.

Never again will you have to search for change; Apple Pay is coming to thousands of locations all over the country.

USA Technologies, a manufacturer of vending machines, parking meters and other self-service kiosks, announced that it will be adding Apple Pay to 200,000 of its appliances. They have been using, NFC, the technology that powers a variety of mobile payments, for a decade; now, updating the machines won’t be difficult.

In the past year, Apple’s mobile payments have rapidly expanded; they recognize that many people no longer carry cash with them, so they are providing a mobile payment option in a convenient and secure way. With Apple Pay, we no longer have to worry about the lack of change in our pocket holding us back.

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